Gauge Calibration Services

Besides premium quality API thread gages, we also provide API gauge(gage) calibration services to OCTG manufacturers, threaders and oilfield service companies. We keep long-term strategic cooperation relationship with Baoji Baoshi Petroleum Thread Gauges Inspection Center which is a CNAS-accredited calibration laboratory and whose calibration certificate is traceable to NIST and is a valid for API audit.


The service items that we offer include:
1, Free third-party calibration for every set of gages we sell.


2, Periodic recalibration.


3, Technical support: Our senior experts will give specific guidance about how to use the gages via phone or email. We will also offer on-site training or calibration if required.


4, We accept custom orders. Every custom gage is attached with a calibration certificate that details measured dimensions.


Our Partner Calibration Laboratory

Baoji Baoshi Petroleum Thread Gauges Inspection Institute owns a complete set of API certified master gages for rotary shoulder connections, line pipe, round thread casing and tubing, and buttress thread casing. The Center has been conducting periodic calibration of API working gages for OCTG manufacturers for over 20 years.

The institute was accredited by China National Accreditation Service(CNAS) in 2008 and passed the re-assessment and expansion assessment in 2011. It is a national-level third-party calibration laboratory(NO.CNAS L3330) and has the qualification of international mutual accreditation. The calibration certificate issued by the Center is recognised internationally.

The institute is endowed with powerful technological resources. The expert team of the institute consists of Xufeng Duan, Dexiang Tong, Zhonghai Ma, Yurang Li and Guifen Ran, some of them were in charge of drafting national standards for oilfield drilling tools connection threads and measurement and calibration norms for gages, and took part in drafting measurement and inspection regulations of China National Petroleum Corporation. They have rich experiences of designing, manufacturing, inspecting and supervising OCTG thread gages for over 40 years.

The guidelines of the center is "scientific, just, accurate and timely". The institute will offer on-spot calibration services or the customer can send the gages to the Center for calibration. The calibration certificate issued by the institute is recognised worldwidely and accepted by API audit experts and other third parties, which can help the company pass the API audit smoothely.

The institute has established a thorough OCTG thread gages measurement traceability system and is an esteemed OCTG thread gages calibration base in China and worldwide.