API Thread Gauges

General introduction

Shanghai Jingoo Petroleum Apparatus Co.,Ltd was founded in 2003 to represent the products of the top 2 API gauge manufacturers in China. Both of them are subsidiary facilities of state-owned corporations and are API-licensed. We are the first company in China that specializes in distributing API gauges and offering professional calibration services. All gauges come with third-party calibration certificates that are traceable to China National Institute of Metrology and valid for API audit.


We are serving 60% of the OCTG manufacturers and oilfield service companies in China, which include China National Petroleum Corporation, China Petrochemical Corporation, China National Offshore Oil Corporation, Wuxi Seamless Oil Pipes Company Limited, Weatherford China, etc.


Material & Inspection

Material: The material we use for our API thread gages(thread gauges) are tool steel that is hardened to Rockwell C60-63 and put through a series of special treatments, such as aging treatment, heat treatment and freezing treatment, to ensure to provide high accuracy and rigid stability during long period of usage.


Inspection: Each of our API thread gages(thread gauges) undergoes 3 phases of inspections before they are sent out to our customers:
1, In-process inspecton: We will do inspection at every procedure of the manufacturing process.
2, Final inspection: After the gages are finished, we will inspect each gage with a certified master gage.
3, Third-party calibration: Before we deliver gages to you, we will send them to Baoji Baoshi Petroleum Thread Gauges Inspection Center for a third-party calibration. The center will issue a calibration certificate detailing the measured dimensions and the serial number of the master gage. The calibration certificate is traceable to China National Institute of Metrology and NIST and valid for API audit.